A student’s successful experience with Memoria Press Online Academy largely depends on open communication. We believe that the parent should take the primary role in the education of their student(s). Registration with Memoria Press Online Academy does not mitigate this responsibility, but enhances it through a partnership with our teachers. Parents are not responsible for teaching or grading assignments, but are responsible for checking up on their student periodically. Our faculty members teach, grade assignments, answer questions, and communicate with students and parents via the forums and personal email. Every parent should:


  1. Download and become familiar with the Parent/Student Handbook. This is comprehensive and covers areas like communication, attendance, late work, plagiarism, cheating, and terms and conditions.

  2. Have current information on file with us. Please make sure that you have a current parent e-mail address and telephone number on your student's profile.

  3. Log-in with the student each week or two. This is intentional and to check progress and grades. We purposefully do not utilize separate parent accounts. We've found that a better solution to accountability and parental involvement is to have parents login with their students every week or two to check up on their progress. Teachers check progress weekly and send out progress reports monthly if students fall below an 84%.

  4. Spot-check the student's work each week. Spot-checking is done by taking a quick look at the homework, exercises, or student guide the student is filling out that week. Sometimes an instructor will require a parent to confirm by e-mail that quizzes and/or exams were taken without cheating. If this is the case then the instructor will let you and your students know ahead of time.

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