Peter Joslyn

Peter Joslyn is a veteran classical educator who graduated from Wabash College with a BA in Ancient Greek Literature, and also holds a Master of Divinity from Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He taught middle and high school students at New Covenant School in Lynchburg, VA from 2006-2011. During 2013-14 he taught at Providence Classical Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO while he attended Covenant Theological Seminary. More recently, during 2015-16, he taught at Christ Academy of Collingdale, PA as he completed his seminary studies. His experience includes teaching Greek, Latin, Ancient History, U.S. History, Literature, English Composition & Grammar, as well as Logic and Rhetoric. He currently resides in North Carolina with his family and is a clergy member at St. John's Anglican Church in Greensboro, NC.

Mr. Joslyn teaches Henle Latin III: Cicero, United States History, Early Christian History and Fundamentals of the Faith, as well as Material Logic and Classical Rhetoric.

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