Advanced Placement

We are pleased to offer AP classes as a College Board approved online provider. These are rigorous, in-depth classes that engage students and prepare them to take AP exams at the end of the year. Students are expected to take the exams although we understand that sometimes circumstances prevent this. These classes are rigorous, and well-rounded. Like any other online class, Memoria Press chooses the curriculum and instructors for our AP classes. Thus, our families can rest assured that they are in no way compromising a rigorous, classical approach. These offerings are meant to help our families provide extra documentation for their high school student(s) and to help defray the cost of university classes, since successful scores on the exams are eligible for university credit. We also wanted to provide extra classes that are of particular interest to our upper-level students.

Students need to arrange to take the AP exams at a local high school or testing center. It is usually best to contact the school prior to registration or early on in the school year to make arrangements for your students. Most schools have an AP Coordinator who orders exams and proctors them on certain dates. However, please note that (1) your local school does not need to offer the course associated with the AP exam your student wishes to take, and (2) the AP Coordinator need not be the proctor for your student's AP exam (see p. 30 of this document, entitled "Proctor Eligibility Requirements." The school simply needs to be willing to order your exam and allow for you to arrange for a proctor in case the AP Coordinator cannot do so. If you have any questions about these classes please email the Director at

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