1. Small classes that are live audio/video
Our live classes provide real-time, personal instruction from our Master Teachers. We only allow 15-16 students per section, sometimes less.


2. A partnership with parents
We believe parents should take the primary role in the education of their students, and when you take a course with Memoria Press it is a partnership. Registration with Memoria Press Online Academy does not mitigate parental responsibility but enhances it through a partnership with our teachers. Memoria Press Online Academy instructors teach and grade student assignments (unless assignments are automatically graded), communicate with students and parents via the Forums, and check up on student grade progress. Parents are responsible for checking up on their students, primarily by communicating with their students about the courses they are enrolled in, conducting 'spot-checks' on any workbook assignments, and also by logging in with their student's information and checking their grade progress each week.


3. Scheduling flexibility
Most classes meet once per week for 90 minutes for maximum scheduling flexibility. Some courses meet twice per week for two 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions. Our school year is 38 weeks with four weeks used for breaks. See the School Calendar for specific dates.


4. Quality Assessments
All coursework is graded personally by the instructor or automatically by our online system. Assignments may include weekly quizzes, essays, forum discussions, comprehension questions, as well as midterm and final exams. Instructors are available outside of class via our Ask A Teacher Forum. Student messages are delivered to the instructor's e-mail inbox and responses are usually posted within 24 hours on the forum.


5. Mastery
Our courses are outlined with a detailed schedule/syllabus for your student. This is located on the dedicated web page to which your student is given access. What your student should complete each week and day is available for the entire year. This provides your student with a systematic, incremental, and feasible structure, which helps facilitate our ultimate goal: mastery.


6. Official Grade Reports, Transcripts, all with instructor feedback.
These Grade Reports are available 24/7 online and officially issued at the end of the end of the year by the instructor. They are also stored on our servers for later retrieval. Official Transcripts are issued upon request once a student is finished with Memoria Press Online Academy classes.

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