Earth Science

Description: A rigorous introductory Earth Science class that takes a mastery-oriented approach. Students will learn about landforms, matter and minerals, rocks and rock cycles, different planetary phenomena, tectonic plates, oceanography, and other fascinating Earth systems. Experiments will be conducted at home most of the time. Students will be assessed through weekly quizzes and exercises, class attendance & participation, experiments, and tests. There are weekly review guides and textbook practice exercises for homework. This class will lay a strong foundation for future high school science courses. Students will earn a half of a high school credit in science.

Grade Level: 7-9 (7th graders must be strong readers)

Prerequisites & Special Notes: Students should be strong readers and should expect to spend 45-60 minutes a day on this class.

Please Note: Memoria Press Academy does not cover every single chapter in the book. Some chapters that may be controversial are skipped. In this class we will cover: Chapters 1-2, 4-7, and 12-14

Required Materials: Earth Science by John D. Mays, published by Novare Science and Math. Students will also need a USB headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).

Class Schedule
Section A, 2020-21 Earth Science T/F - 11:30AM - 12:30PM ET 9/7/20-5/28/21 0 Full Join Waiting List

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