Getting Started with Registration

Here are some general instructions for getting started with the Online Academy:


  1. Browse for classes.

  2. Once you've chosen your classes and added them to your shopping cart, you will be prompted to login for payment and to register your students. Remember: you will have to login with a distinct username and email as the parent. You can create this quickly or use an existing account. Each student you register will also need a distinct e-mail address. All of this information will then be emailed to you upon registration.

  3. Once payment is received, you will be prompted to assign your purchased classes to each student. Please read the instructions carefully.

  4. Once you've assigned classes to your students they will automatically be placed into the class (into Moodle, our Learning Management System).

  5. Once registration is complete you will receive a confirmation e-mail and another with some general information, helpful tips, and instructions. Both parent and students receive this.

  6. If at any point in time you need assistance you can e-mail or call toll-free 877-745-8866 and we will be glad to help you. There is also a Live Chat option and we can also help you in that way.

Questions? 877-745-8866 or