AP European History

Description: This class surveys the early 1500s to present day. History is an intellectual pillar for students seeking a thorough education. Through the study of history, students have the opportunity to dialogue with the greatest minds from the greatest cultures of preceding civilizations. Class discussions will include three major components: the history of ideas during this time period, biographical studies of important individuals, and exploration of key cultural developments, particularly Western European and American societies. We will explore themes such as the right to claim power and govern others, the role of religion in society, and the common elements of long-lasting cultures. Students will learn to mine primary source material which provided intellectual motivation to social, economic, and cultural developments, and will also learn to evaluate secondary source material to determine historical arguments, existing biases, and the existence or want of sufficient evidence to support an author's claims. Students will then employ these methods of historical research to formulate reasoned and well-supported arguments. Students will need to devote approximately 60 minutes per day for this class. The grade is based on participation, quizzes over the readings and lectures, and essays that prepare students for the AP test. There are approximately ten 4-5 paragraph essays drawn from past tests. The instructor personally grades them and provides feedback. There is also a mid-term and final exam. This class will be AP-approved so that students can include it on transcripts. This class is worth 1 high school credit in Social Studies or History.

Grade Level: 10-12. No student beneath the 10th grade may register for this course. Students who wish to take the AP exam register and take the test at their local testing center.

Prerequisites: Students must be able to read a college-level textbook, write grammatically correct paragraphs, and create strong essays. This class requires much college-level writing, so the student has to be prepared to write extensively in preparation for the AP exam.

Required Materials: A History of Modern Europe: From the Renaissance to the Present (Single Volume) by John Merriman. Primary sources are also a significant part of the course. Students will also need a headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).

Class Schedule
Section A, 2020-21 AP European History M/W - 9:00AM - 10:15AM ET 9/7/20-5/28/21 0 Full Join Waiting List

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