High School Diploma Program


The Basics

High School is an important time in the life of every student and family, and every parent wants to make the right decision for their student. Since 2006 we've provided high-quality, live online classes for homeschool students all over the world. Our Online Academy ensures that students are supported with evenly paced courses, engaged by knowledgeable instructors, and challenged by a rigorous curriculum. See our School Profile here.

Each year we accept applications for our CLSA accredited High School Diploma Program. Most students entering the diploma program will probably be entering in the 9th or 10th grade. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, in which case we will require a comprehensive homeschool transcript after we obtain results from the Entrance Exams.

Each year all entrance exams are due by March 15. There is a minimum score that must be achieved (not revealed until afterward) and no portion of the Entrance Exam may be failed. The High School Diploma Program is a challenging yet doable program, to which any hardworking student is welcome to apply. In order to graduate, students must maintain a certain level of academic excellence throughout the program, meet specific course requirements, and complete required testing.

Each student graduating will earn at least 28 credits. Students will take five online classes and two other classes. These two may include other online classes, additional Memoria Press Online Academy classes (extra cost), local co-op classes, community college classes, or homeschool classes taught by the parent. To award credit for these classes, some minimal documentation is required. For example, a small sampling of quizzes, mid-terms, exams, or essays that we will ask you to upload to an electronic folder. Below is a specific breakdown of what is required for graduation:

  • Latin 4 credits (one of which must be a translation class)
  • Math 3 credits
  • Science 3 credits
  • History 4 credits
  • Writing 2 credits
  • Literature 3 credits
  • Logic 2 credits
  • American Government .5 credits
  • Electives 6.5 credits

Total 28 credits (See Notes On Subjects and Credits).  

Students who are far enough along in high school who cannot meet every single one of these credit requirements should still contact us. Especially if the student has already taken MPOA online classes. We are more than willing to take a look at the student's high school transcript to see if what the completed course work can be incorporated into the High School Diploma Program. The entrance exams and certain other testing requirements would still apply.





Parents and students interested in the diploma program should register, fill out the application online, and take the entrance exams. The application includes a $25 application fee and an entrance test. Submission of an application and entrance test is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program. You will receive a confirmation email after your application and entrance exam are received. When a decision is made about your student’s acceptance into the program, you will be notified by the Director.


Costs are kept to a minimum and a payment plan is available. The yearly cost per student is:

  • Application Fee $25
  • Enrollment Fee $200 per student
  • 5 Live Online Classes $2500
  • 2 Non-MP or Homeschool Class  $0 (documentation required; we do not determine curriculum for these classes)

Total Cost:



The Director will be glad to set up a time to have a conversation about the acceptance or the rejection of your student’s application. During the course of the year you may require another consultation with the Director, and this is scheduled by appointment.

If a student is not accepted into the diploma program this does not mean he or she cannot take individual courses through Memoria Press Online Academy. Students are still free to take any and all courses that they choose. If a student is not accepted into the High School Diploma Program for the 9th grade year you may apply again for the 10th grade year.

Maintaining Good Standing

Students must maintain a cumulative average of 83% (B) for all courses each year they are enrolled in the High School Diploma Program.

Testing Requirements

There are several rigorous testing requirements. Students are required to take all of these assessments to graduate (See Specific Testing Requirements For Graduation). Families must arrange to take these tests locally and have the scores reported to Memoria Press Online Academy by (1) scanning the documents or (2) having these directly reported to us (our College Board code is 564 for AP Exams).

Accreditation, College Board, and NCAA

Memoria Press Online Academy is accredited by the Classical Latin School Association. Accreditation is meant to help our students earn an accredited high school diploma while simultaneously receiving a rigorous classical education. This is the same organization that accredits our physical school, Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY. We are not accredited by any organization associated with any state government or one of the six regional accrediting bodies for colleges and/or universitites. This is intentional. In conjunction with the Classical Latin School Association, we select our curriculum, teachers, and are evaluated periodically by the CLSA to ensure we are maintaining academic standards. We also use general testing to ensure MPOA Diploma Program students are exceeding all requirements that a college or university would expect.

Additionally, we are an approved by The College Board to offer AP classes and most of our online classes can be used toward NCAA Eligibility.


State-By-State Breakdown of Graduation Requirements

While we have done much of the legwork in designing our program, please ensure that you follow all of your state's laws and guidelines for homeschooling. Many states have high school graduation requirements that universities use (among other things) when evaluating applicants. The Diploma Program was designed and organized to meet or exceed the requirements in all 50 states and is completely consistent with the homeschooling law in all 50 states. We designed our program this way in the event your student decides to attend a university in your state of residence. If you already know where your student may want to attend university or college, see the institution’s website for their specific expectations from homeschool applicants. Please note that occasionally standards change from state-to-state and you must follow all applicable homeschooling laws and stay aware of this information.

Each state has its own high school graduation requirements. In some states no requirements exist, only guidelines. In other states there are minimums and other requirements are determined locally. Remember, you are still technically considered a homeschooled student in your state, but you are simultaneously in a High School diploma program with Memoria Press Online Academy; you do not have to pursue everything someone in a public or private school may pursue in your state. That is the part of the freedom of homeschooling! But you will be able to see what universities will expect from high school graduates, and rest assured that our diploma program exceeds these academic requirements in every respect. Please note as well that some states require state-specific testing requirements as well (i.e. MA, NY, PA, RI, VT). The main goal here is to provide some information so you can see the broad categories and any specifics your state uses. See the link below.


See State-By-State Requirements For High School Graduation 

Questions? 877-745-8866 or onlineacademy@memoriapress.com