Remember, there are things that most states require which you do not have to require of your student. Remember, should you apply and be accepted into our program, your student is a homeschooled student in our diploma program. But you still need to make sure you follow all applicable state laws. Here is a single page showing a visual map of the state laws on homeschooling. 

Below are the high school graduation requirements for all 50 states. This is to give you a comparison between our credit requirements and the credit requirements most students in your state would normally complete. In all cases we exceed the credit requirements of all 50 states.

Alabama (HSLDA analysis)

Alaska (HSLDA analysis)

Arizona (HSLDA analysis)

Arkansas (HSLDA analysis)

California (HSLDA analysis)

Colorado (HSLDA analysis)

Connecticut (HSLDA analysis)

Delaware (HSLDA analysis)

Florida (HSLDA analysis)

Georgia (HSLDA analysis)

Hawaii (HSLDA analysis)

Idaho (HSLDA analysis)

Illinois (HSLDA analysis)

Indiana (HSLDA analysis)

Iowa (HSLDA analysis)

Kansas (HSLDA analysis)

Kentucky (HSLDA analysis)

Louisiana (HSLDA analysis)

Maine (HSLDA analysis)

Maryland (HSLDA analysis)

Massachusetts (HSLDA analysis)

Michigan (HSLDA analysis)

Minnesota (HSLDA analysis)

Mississippi (HSLDA analysis)

Missouri (HSLDA analysis)

Montana (HSLDA analysis)

Nebraska (HSLDA analysis)

Nevada (HSLDA analysis)

New Hampshire (HSLDA analysis)

New Jersey (HSLDA analysis)

New Mexico (HSLDA analysis)

New York (HSLDA analysis)

North Carolina (HSLDA analysis)

North Dakota (HSLDA analysis)

Ohio (HSLDA analysis)

Oklahoma (HSLDA analysis)

Oregon (HSLDA analysis)

Pennsylvania (HSLDA analysis)

Rhode Island (HSLDA analysis)

South Carolina (HSLDA analysis)

South Dakota (HSLDA analysis)

Tennessee (HSLDA analysis)

Texas (HSLDA analysis)

Utah (HSLDA analysis)

Vermont (HSLDA analysis)

Virginia (HSLDA analysis)

Washington (HSLDA analysis)

West Virginia (HSLDA analysis)

Wisconsin (HSLDA analysis)

Wyoming (HSLDA analysis)

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