Sherri Medline, MPOA Parent, California

As I listen again to my son's Traditional Logic II class with Mr. Wolfe, I am thankful.  He has a very effective yet low key way of teaching that has my son absorbing and mastering the information while thoroughly enjoying himself.  It is so nice to hear the laughter that comes along with the class each week. Thank you for having the best online classes, and using quality teachers for them.


​Mary Kaufman, MPOA Parent, Texas

Believe me when I tell you that your Foundations of Compositionclass has been a Godsend.  My daughter looks forward to writing. That is a sentence I never dreamed I'd utter with this sweet child.​ ​Your class makes sense to her.​ ​She is able to analyze content in much the same way she does when translating or paraphrasing Cicero or Vergil.​ ​Each word has a job within a sentence and each sentence a job within a paragraph.  There is no fluff, no silliness.  ​She also appreciates that you do not allow students to goof around in the chat box or on the mic.


-Dara Burton, MPOA Student, Tennessee

Mrs. Brink, I really enjoy attending your Physics class every week! I love learning all about physics and is quickly becoming one of my favorite subjects. Thanks for being an awesome teacher!


-Dr. Julie Snyder, MPOA parent, South Carolina

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for having a teacher like Mrs. Roemer on your staff. She is my new "gold standard" for teaching. Her passion for writing and editing made the concepts actually come to life. I shutter to think of the countless hours she spent editing papers and providing her students very specific, lengthy feedback so that they could learn and improve. This must have been incredibly tedious and time consuming, yet she did so week after week. My kids emerged from Foundations of Composition much more confident and prolific in their writing.


Carolyn Bromlow, MPOA Student

Dear Mr. Miller, I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful learning experience I had in your class.  I learned countless things from you, such as learning to make every word count, and communicating arguments to the audience.  I hope that I will be able to have you as a teacher again in the near future. Thank you for the fantastic year of writing!


Keri Simmons, MPOA Parent

Mr. Wolfe, my son has so enjoyed your Informal Fallacies class.  Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and intentional instruction!  I have enjoyed discussing his classes with him and what you all have been reading/studying.  This has been a significant class in his education and personal formation.


Janeen Zaio, South Carolina, Parent

Mr. Achord has a good personality and is a great teacher.  I love that in the American Government class they used original sources. I feel confident that when my son encounters misinformation about our Founding Father's from the media or college professors, he will not be phased because he has a solid foundation.


Jordan A, Online Academy Student 

Mrs. Baldwin, oh my goodness, thank you for an amazing College Prep US History class this year! If I am totally honest, I have to admit that I have never liked history... but no more! You made history come alive! You turned Morrison's narrative style into personal stories, real events and untold and unknown jewels of the past. You presented the stories and concepts from both views and encouraged us to look at things in a new and different light.Thank you again for all the work and time you put into explaining, encouraging and pushing us young historians to do our very best in our pursuit of a better and deeper education.


Abigail T, Online Academy Student

Mr. Maycock, I just want to take this time to say thank you for all the hard work you put into your Middle School Lit III course and your High school Comp I class, both of which I was enrolled in.  I became very familiar with Old English writers and appreciated all the symbolism in their works.  I'm very thankful for the opportunity I had to be in that course.  You made it fun despite the difficulty.  About composition, I'm speechless.  I used to not be able to stand writing, but it has become my favorite subject and I can write more fluently and more eloquently than ever.  I loved that class and will miss you over summer break.


Susan Rasmussen, TX, Online Academy Parent

We are so grateful to MPOA. Our first foray into online classes was with MPOA.  We have tried every online classical academy under the sun. Our favorite by far is always MPOA, especially for writing, history and Latin.

Jennifer Newkirk, OH, Online Academy Parent

The growth we've witnessed in our son through Dr. Dray's guidance is fantastic, and we are very excited to have the opportunity for our son to study with him for 2017-18 as well.  Dr. Dray has positively influenced our son not only academically, but also spiritually and morally.  It's been wonderful to watch our son mature in multiple ways during his studies and we appreciate that Dr. Dray manages his classroom well, but is also very joyful. We frequently hear our child giggling or vocalize a delightful snicker during class. Thanks for all that you do at Memoria Press!


Rose Bernard, Online Academy Parent

Mrs. Johnson, thank you for your all the hard work and creative ideas that you put into your Austen/Shakespeare class.  Your friendly and demanding yet encouraging teaching style pushed my daughters to do the best they could with each and every paper and presentation. Both of my daughters made great progress through your writing class. I knew they had a good potential for effective and creative writing in them.  Your time, order, patience, guidance and promptings were just the right tools to help them.

Shannon Tate, VA, Online Academy Parent

I just want to say thank you for adding middle school science to your online academy! I'm so excited to sign up my daughter for this class. I ordered the textbooks to preview and I LOVE them. They are easy to read, yet informative and Biblically solid. So well written! Thank you! Memoria is such a huge help for parents like me!!!!

Sandy Falcione, OH, Online Academy Parent

I wanted to thank you for a great school year.  My son will be attending a brick and mortar school next year that teaches the classical curriculum, and I know he is well prepared after spending this school year with Memoria Press.  If things don't work out, we will be back! Mrs. Timmis and Mrs. Peterson are exceptional teachers.  They utilize the tools available in the online classroom and keep the students engaged throughout each lesson.  They also challenge the students to try new and more difficult things.  They could teach a course on how to teach online!


Rachel Neuburger, VA, Online Academy Latin student

Thank you so much for making this year of Latin a very educational and understandable experience. Mrs. Schwartz, thank you for helping me understand Latin at a whole new level, and Mr. Piland, thank you for all your patience with our computer issues!

Monica Trainor, CO, mother of six Online Academy students

"Thank you for a wonderful year in Famous Men of Rome and D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths.  Hannah enjoyed your classes immensely and cannot wait for next year. I also just wanted you to know that we felt the instruction and level of this class was perfect for this age group.  Hannah, who is nine years old, never used the book for quizzes or exams and had no trouble.  She has five older siblings who have also taken FMR with MPOA, and most of them felt that this class was easier (but in a good way) than previous FMR classes.  We just wanted to give you feedback, as I know that Memoria Press continually evaluates courses.  We would highly recommend both the class and your teaching to our fellow home schoolers—an appropriate level of rigor, learning, and fun. Thank you for a wonderful 2015-16 school year!"

Martha Liuzzi, MD, mother of graduating senior (2016) who took ten online classes

"Memoria Press classes are greatly responsible for my son's growth as a student. I have seen amazing improvment in my son's capacity for understanding and a complete improvement in areas that enable him to do well in the future. He loved all of his classes. Mrs. Selby is a saint. Mr. Janke is so patient and gentle, and Mrs. Baldwin was amazing (with a capital A). Her AP U.S. History class was grueling - a lot of reading - but Jared knows American History well. After this class Jared two CLEP Exams, U.S. History I and II, and passed with flying colors despite some of the tricky questions. He earned 6 college credits as a result and attends Florida Atlantic University. I credit, once again, Memoria Press Academy and the quality of Mrs. Baldwin’s AP United States History class for his success on those tests.

Verna Kraft, NJ, Online Academy parent

"My daughter loved you Mrs. Peterson as her teacher and has learned so many things. She reads her science books out loud to me because she loves to share what she has learned. She said to me, "Mom, science has opened my eyes to a larger picture of things." Now when we go to our local YMCA Camp Ockanickon observatory here in New Jersey, she will have a better knowledge of what we see at night. She is excited and made sure to pick a science class that Mrs. Peterson is teaching for 2016-17. Thank you again for giving her this wonderful year of learning and having so much fun in the process!"

Theresa George, PA, Online Academy parent

"My daughter states that Latin is one of her favorite classes after taking it on the Online Academy. Mrs. Cutrer...you are the best...my daughter wants to be a teacher just like you."

Katie Johnson, Texas, Student from 2009-2016

As my final semester with Memoria comes to a close, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Throughout both middle school and high school, I have taken the vast majority of my coursework here, and it has been a truly rewarding experience. The classes have at once challenged and inspired me, pushing me beyond my limits and forcing me to grow academically. My teachers taught me not only how to conjugate Greek verbs, write an artful essay, or search for justice within Aeschylus’ Oresteia. They also imparted their infectious love of their studies and enthusiastic desire for truth and wisdom—something I trust will remain with me not just throughout my time at the university, but throughout my entire life. While my excellent classical education from the online academy has granted me admission to and hefty scholarships from two prestigious universities, I am most thankful for this love of learning that it has nurtured within me. Thank you for that. 

Liam, Student in AP Literature and Composition for 2015-16

"Dr. Wright, thank you so much for a wonderful year in AP Literature! I can't tell you how much this class has impacted my view on great literature and life in general. Your passion for literature was contagious, and has inspired me to do a lot more reading than I have been doing. Under your encouragement and teaching I have become a much better writer and and thinker this year."

Erinn Gaus, Florida

"In 2014-15 my daughter was enrolled in Logic, Latin, Composition, and Algebra I with Memoria Press, before transitioning to a local high school. We were thrilled with her instructors, the coursework, and the entire experience!"

Allison Harrison, LA, mother of a graduating senior (2015) who has taken thirteen online classes

"Dear Mr. Piland, As this is my daughter's senior year and it will be over in a few short weeks, I want to thank you and your staff for the impact that you've made on Paige. She has been challenged and equipped to move on to higher education due to her education at your online academy. We stumbled on Memoria Press in her 10th grade year while looking for a strong writing class. The first class she took was High School Composition I. In that class, Mrs. Johnson made such an impression on her. We soon realized that the academy and teaching resonated with her, so the decision to continue with Memoria Press through her senior year was a seamless transition. Although there have been struggles along the way, the staff at your school have, including yourself, have been unwavering in their dedication to help support students, and Paige has not been blind to this. Paige will be attending St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. She was offered a fairly substantial academic scholarship. This is definitely due to her education at Memoria Press, and I would like to say, 'Thank you!'"

Aimee, from Maryland

"Even though we have moved to a new city where we are planning to use the classical school available to us next year rather than homeschooling, Zachary begged to be able to continue Second Form Latin with Memoria Press Online as a supplement to the Latin he will get in the classroom. At first I thought it was a whim, but he persisted so seriously that I finally agreed to see about registering him. Thanks for making the classes so successful.

Holden Seiler, studied philosophy at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

"I am almost certain that I would never have selected my college or major had I not studied logic or fallacies (my personal favorite) with you. Philosophy was of no interest to me at all before either of those classes. I owe a lot to Memoria Press with all the rhetoric, literature, and Latin I studied while I was homeschooled."

Student, Classical Composition

"I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed this class. I've always enjoyed reading, but not until I took this class did my interest in writing take off. I plan to study writing at college in the fall."

Rainseford Alexandra, studied Children's Literature and Ballet at The University of North Carolina

"Memoria Press Online did more than give me an education. The teachers and courses I was exposed to through the program taught me how to think. That experience has proved invaluable, not only in the realm of academics, but in life in general. Memoria Press Online not only more than prepared me to tackle the rigors of collegiate education, but the program also introduced me to something I want to do for the rest of my life: Writing. I could not be more thankful for the high school education I received."

Joyce, New Jersey

"I cannot praise First Form Latin and Memoria Press' online courses enough. Mr. Piland is an outstanding teacher and the online First Form course has been a valuable experience for my 6th grader."

Student, Classical Composition

"Previously with writing I would always go blank when a piece of paper was given to me and I was told to "write something". Even though I was challenged beyond my comfort zone, I feel I have learned a more structured way to write."

Melissa, Florida

"I just wanted to let you know how much my son is enjoying Mr. Nygaard's Famous Men class. My other kids gather around the computer to listen to him and he has become sort of a celebrity in our house! He really has a gift, as I cannot imagine it's very easy to teach the online classes! We really couldn't be happier with the entire program. It is truly a gift!"

Susan Price, Texas

"Mrs. Johnson, I cannot begin to tell you how much Braeden and Brinley have blossomed this year in your writing classes. Although we have very intentionally and specifically worked on writing in our homeschool leading up to these classes, I have seen them both writing more fluently, logically, and confidently than ever."

Lily Demasi, Student, New Hampshire

"The AP history class was one of the hardest classes I took with Memoria Press, but Mr. Nygaard was an excellent teacher! I could not have done it without him, and through the hard work I found joy in learning history. I had a great amount of fun in the class! I have learned so much from him and am deeply thankful. I would also like to thank all of you for the education you have given me for the past three years. You have changed my life forever. You have given me the hunger for finding truth through education. You have pushed me to be the best person I can be. I have enjoyed every class I have taken with you. My prayer for you is that each student that takes classes with you, may respect and value you as I do."

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