Fable and Narrative (Adults)

Description: Classical Composition is a fourteen-stage writing program based on the “progymnasmata,” a system of writing instruction that was the primary method of teaching and learning writing for most of the history of Western civilization. The program teaches students an organized system of creative thinking that is incremental and systematic.

This course introduces the Fable and Narrative Stages. Participants will learn about the content and structure of these stages by observing an experienced teacher model how these stages are taught.

This class is designed for all adults who would benefit from an overview of the Fable and Narrative Stages: vocational teachers, homeschooling parents, etc. The class is interactive and attendees will be called upon in class.

Participants can expect homework each week as they progress through the lessons, similar to the student experience. The instructor will review participant work in class as a means of refining mastery of the material

Required Materials: Fable and Narrative Student Texts. You will also need a USB headset microphone (built-in microphones also work).