James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

Description: James Herriot seemed like a rather ordinary veterinarian that graduated with his degree in 1939. When Harriot took a job as a country vet in rural Yorkshire, England, his life was never the same. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children tells some of his personal favorite stories of life in the picturesque Darrowby, England, and how often uncommon lessons emerge from common instances. Herriot is known for his many books about his practice, but this classic is aimed at a younger audience. Readers for decades have enjoyed seeing kindness, sacrifice, loss, and friendship in these humble vignettes. As a child, this book was a favorite of the teacher, Mr. Teal. He spent the years of his youth in England and has many fond memories walking the dales and creeks in a region of Yorkshire known today as Herriot Country.

Grade Level: 3rd-6th

There will be no assessments for this class.

Required Materials: James Herriot’s Treasury for Children. Students will also need a headset microphone (built-in microphones will also work).

James Herriot's Treasury for Children A Summer 2022Gregory Teal T3:00 - 4:30 PM ET7/18/22 - 8/19/220$99.95
James Herriot's Treasury for Children B Summer 2022Gregory TealTh3:00 - 4:30 PM ET7/18/22 - 8/19/220$99.95